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Merry Christmas 2015

And it’s here.  Can’t believe it.  Christmas 2015 is here.  This is the first Christmas where it hasn’t actually felt like Christmas.

We’re used to it being really hot like you get to go to the beach or…. really cold like it’s so cold you’re happy that the oven is on all day cooking the goose or turkey and roast potatoes full of fat.

Not this year.  Christmas is here and it feels like autumn or spring.  It’s too warm to be cold, it’s too cold to be hot.  Going to the Christmas markets felt like visiting Germany at the Epcot Centre.  It kinda looks like Germany but not really and it doesn’t feel like it AT ALL.

Regardless of how it feels this year, the date is 25th December 2015 which is, officially Christmas 2015 so, MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all!!!

Merry Christmas Card 2015 TJ

This year we decided to change it up.  Rather than going for our regular goose, ham and 3 veg cooked in fat Christmas meal, which we usually eat on Christmas Eve, we opted instead for a Vegducken.

Check it.

Our First Attempt at Vegducken Christmas 2015
Our First Attempt at Vegducken Christmas 2015

Basically it’s vegetable stuffed inside a vegetable stuffed inside a vegetable 🙂  courtesy of the turducken (chicken inside a duck inside a turkey) idea, we got the recipe from epicurious.

YUP we went vegetarian!  It’s shallots stuffed in a courgette stuffed in an aubergine stuffed in a butternut squash, layered with vegetable stuffing in between.  Not quite vegan because of the use of parmesan cheese, egg and butter but very filling.  Tony and I only ate one slice each!!

It was quite the effort but well worth it.  It took us over an hour to prepare and 2 hours to cook in the oven.

We also made roast potatoes on the side and this took us an hour to prepare and 2 hours in the oven as well (over cooked at 2 hours oops).  This was supposed to be vegetarian except that all my research said that doing potatoes like this really needed bacon.  So I added a sprinkling of bacon lardons on there… and well, we realised on eating it that the bacon was totally unnecessary.  We definitely will make this again but will do it without the bacon next time.

Our Christmas Roasted Potatoes
Our Christmas Roasted Potatoes

Just these two dishes alone took enough time for us not to bother with everything else we were going to cook.  We decided to leave the rest to make for Christmas Day.

We did however make a vegan eggnog which seriously is better than regular eggnog.  It’s so creamy and fatty without the dairy or the egg!  Unfortunately, we guzzled it all down before taking a decent picture so I will post a picture of it up with the Christmas Day meal pictures instead.  Tony liked it so much that I think he may just make it regularly throughout the year, just ’cause.  If you ever notice us getting fat, it’s because we’re drinking too much vegan eggnog.

We indulged a little by making a strawberry chocolate tart.  Don’t worry, no baking was involved.  I tried to add extra cream on the top to reduce the sweetness (which is why the colour is the way it is rather than the chocolatey brown which is the layer underneath that cream on the top) but it was still way too sweet for my liking and of course, ended up a little runny because the chocolate to cream ratio was off.  Nevermind.  It still tasted good.  Chocolate and strawberries always taste good and strawberries and cream also taste good.

Christmas Dessert - Strawberry Chocolate Tart
Christmas Dessert – Strawberry Chocolate Tart

It seems like we’re onto some winners for a truly vegetarian and perhaps even vegan Christmas meal next year!

Whatever it is you’re eating and drinking, we hope you are enjoying your Christmas and that you’re getting to spend some time with your loved ones ❤