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Great to be back home!

As I write this, it’s barely a week since I got back to London but the feeling is that it’s great to be back home.

Yes, home.

For so long I’ve called Sydney, Australia my home but the last few trips have confirmed my recognition and feeling that London is my home now.

And how could I not feel this way when the following happened upon my return:

Day 1
Tony and I had decided to sneak in one last movie on the plane (The Nice Guys) and it was never going to finish before we landed but we watched it anyway.  For some reason the plane got asked to circle and wait in queue for landing.  OK it wasn’t some reason, the clouds and the rain made it so.  So we landed later than planned and guess what happened?  WE FINISHED THE MOVIE. Exactly as soon as the credits were about to roll, is when the pilot turned off the online entertainment facility.  Couldn’t have asked for better timing and it just got better from there!

Our luggage got Premium Economy treatment, so was waiting for us and we didn’t even have to wait and pull it off the baggage carousel (if only we knew… ’cause we sat about looking for it on the carousel wondering where the hell it was, such plebs LOL).

I mentioned the rain right?  Well, when we were travelling home, the rain stopped and the sun came out.  We asked for an Uber to come pick us up from the train station and thought it was going to cost us £7-£10 to get home but it ended up only costing £5.  YUP.  £5 for us and 3 heavy suitcases, to ensure we weren’t lugging them all from the train station to the house.  Nice one.

We then decided we wanted to eat Vietnamese food, went to our local and God it tasted good and REALLY good prices too.  Tony and I ate starters, had a meal and soup each and a drink and it cost £25 incl tip for the both of us.

Day 2
We chilled out and went to the grocery store to get some food and I found out that the cost of cucumbers had gone DOWN.  I thought they were rocking cheap at 40p per cucumber but it’s now 37p.  Yes folks this is important to me because 2 years ago I paid $4 for the same friggin’ sized cucumber at a fruit shop my dad used to shop at when I was 7 years old in Sydney Australia.  That’s the equivalent of £3.00 for something I pay £0.40 for normally.  How dare they!!  I never went back to that shop but I reckon they’d be charging $5 these days.  The cheek!

The problem is I know that this isn’t the only shop that charges like that in Oz.  It’s a shame.  A real shame.   I bought a hand of bananas plus a bag of lemons for over $8 in Oz in a cheap and grotty fruit shop. It only costs me £2.00 for the equivalent here in London from a much cleaner supermarket.

So we bought a whole lot of groceries I know would have cost a minimum $30-$40 in Australia and we paid £8 for it.   It included a goats cheese, tomato and basil mini pizza, maple pecan plait and vanilla custard pastry.

Brought a giant umbrella with us, only to not need it because again the rain stopped.  We did manage however, to see our 3rd Double Rainbow across the sky…. in a week (2 in Vegas, this 1 in London)!!

We love you too Universe / God 🙂
We’ve been so spoiled, I don’t even know if I can look up at a cloudy sky anymore without expecting a rainbow!!

Thank You Thank You Thank You for affordable food and colourful skies.

Day 3
My first yoga class in AGES and it was Vinyasa.  YES!!  Do you know how much I’ve been wanting different types of yoga at my studio?  AND GUESS WHAT?  It’s all in the timetable now!  It was all Bikram before I left and now…. there’s Vinyasa, Bikram, Yin and all sorts.  SO HAPPY.  SO SO SO HAPPY and GRATEFUL.

And… I know I haven’t mentioned Rome but… we went to Rome and found THE BEST sandwich in the world.  PORCHETTA.  We’d never seen it in our 40 years of life.  Never tasted it either but we got to have some in Rome and OMG it was delicious.

You wouldn’t believe what new stall just opened up in the weekend markets at the bottom of our street….
No joke…. a PORCHETTA stall…. with an Italian guy in there serving up the sandwiches and the only people at the stall eating and chatting to them were Italian.  C’mon… If Italians are going there to get their Porchetta fix, then it’s gotta be good and IT WAS!!

Pretty much close to the real thing except they put about half as much pork in the sandwich and use a different bread.  We did think it was a bit pricey at £5 for a sandwich BUT it’s cheaper than the cost of flying to Rome, getting accommodation and buying a sandwich for EUR3.00!!

Day 4
I get an invitation from a friend to be part of Live at the Apollo filming for the BBC.  We get to be part of the audience for stand up comedy and yes, it’s free.


Tony gave me some colouring stencils and I took 3 days to colour in and complete an elephant.

Within an hour of me finishing it, he took one of the pictures in a frame, off the wall and replaced it with my elephant!!!!!!!!!  Yes, he didn’t know but it was a big deal to me having never had anything I’ve made or done framed or hung up on a wall.  It’s still up there now and I’m loving it!

Day 5
Tony gets an invitation to be a mystery diner at one of our favourite restaurants and gets to bring a date.  OH YEAH OH YEAH!!!

We can’t mention which… because we’re going to by mystery diners there but OH YEAH OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s a Mystery Diner you ask?  It’s when you go pretend to be a regular customer but then you have to review the restaurant and for doing so, you get reimbursed for your meal… and they’ve given us a nice budget for 2 people… YEAH BABY!!

Day 6
We go to the Apollo, Tony is late however they only hand out seats to people who are present, on a first come, first served basis.  So we can’t get a ticket for him.  Our tickets are in the Circle (upstairs).

We go to eat, my friend treats us to dinner…. he’s never done this before… SO SWEET!!!

Tony arrives… we don’t know if there’ll be any tickets left.  He psyches himself to wait for us while he goes to eat dinner by himself.  We attempt to get more tickets…. we have to swap our 3 tickets to get 4, expecting that we won’t get any and if we get tickets at all, they’ll be really crap ones.

We get upgraded to Stalls.  I don’t even know if the seats were better or not but the guy handing us the seats said “That’s never happened before where you get upgraded for being late!” and he was properly enthusiastic, which never happens with English people… I was waiting for sarcasm to come through but nope… he was actually congratulating us… so we were happy! LOL

Comedy night was as expected – lots of laughing and lots of fun and that brings us to today.

Life has been LEGENDARY since coming home.

First week back has been SUPER AWESOME.  It really is great to be home.  Thank you for a beautiful life London 🙂

PS – for all the pessimists and realists out there who think I might just have rose tinted glasses on, yes… there has been some crap too like I’ve had a runny nose for the last week, it’s been freezing cold and I’ve had not so great customers to deal with on eBay and a tonne of laundry, cleaning and jetlag.  You know… just keepin’ it real.  Still… it’s worth it and the positive experiences have far outweighed the negative.  The best part is… no stress, much more fun.  I am very grateful to be home.
PPS – in amongst all of that, we’ve started on the tiny repairs around the house too.  I don’t know what happened this year but as soon as it started, things started breaking in the house, each week.  I’ve now fixed the wire for my laptop charger and Tones has redone the sealant between kitchen benchtop and cupboards.  I’m now going to fix the broken bathroom heating panel.  These are things that have broken throughout the year that we just “haven’t gotten around to fixing” but it’s all getting done now, easily and effortlessly.  Gotta be grateful for that!