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Has it been a week already?

When you’re young, a day feels like eternity but it seems the older you get, 1 week goes by in a blink of an eye.

Highlights of the week:

Ada’s Visit
A friend from Australia that I hadn’t seen for over a decade visited.  She was in London for less than 24 hours but still managed to squeeze me in for a catch up.

I chose a restaurant near where she was staying.  It was the German Gymnasium at Kings Cross.  They serve… German food.  Ha!

Anyway, it’s in a Grade II listed building and named German Gymnasium because the building was the first, purpose built Gymnasium in England with funding coming solely from London’s German community.

The building was built in 1865 so we ate dinner (I had a German afternoon tea) inside a 150 year old building.

Yin with Sharky
Yoga which has been my life for so long, was pretty non-existent because – January.

You have to book ALL your classes in otherwise they’re all full due to all those well-intentioned New Years Resolutions people who disappear by Feb.

I managed to book classes from mid Jan through to Feb and thought by February for sure, the classes would start being freer but it wasn’t to be.

So I have spent many days not going to yoga because the classes have been booked out and I hadn’t booked myself in, in time.

Can you imagine?  Attempting to book yourself in 2 days in advance is still not long enough.  FARK!

I did manage to get to one of Sharky’s first Yin classes and I loved it.  She did a different method to the other teachers and allowed time for “rebound” between each posture.

Rebound is a savasana in between every posture to allow whatever released in each posture, to move through and exit or integrate into, the body.

The result?  I ended up getting really teary and emotional.  I actually felt emotions releasing from my body and I was so grateful to be able to feel them so I could let them go.

It only lasted a few seconds though because as soon as Tony saw me looking teary, “WHY ARE YOU CRYING?” came out of his mouth and it was so abrupt and harsh, I immediately cut off all emotions and went back to thinking mode.

I got skillz like that.

Actually, he managed to say it just like my mother used to.  I know he said it out of concern but I heard it the way my mum said it which meant “Stop being a pussy, you have no reason to cry and if you don’t stop I’ll fucking give you a reason to cry.”  That’s the mild version. 😉

So I stopped.  IMMEDIATELY.  I’ll just have to find a way to cry at times he’s not around so I can release emotions in peace.

Paris & Rome
Another week in peace.  Both boys are really happy and binky every day.

Paris does the cutest binkies ’cause he’s so chunky like a bulldog and bottom heavy.  So he looks more like a jumping goat or ram when he binkies.

Rome has started to jump on my arm and shoulder.  Last night he sat on my shoulder and every so often would turn to lick my face – cheek, eyelid, eyebrows, temple, forehead.  Then he’d jump down and jump up onto my other shoulder and tug at my hair.

I know he’s just looking for a way over the fence and using me as a viewing platform but I like to think we’ve developed a good bond plus I’m loving all my bunny kisses!  He loves kissing my nose.

He’s still incredibly mischievous, spends a lot of his time in meerkat position, listening out for what Paris might be doing and he’s completely chewed up the skirting board instead of the chew mat we gave him because he thinks breaking the skirting board will help him escape the fence.

We keep him fenced because although the more loving of the two, he’s also the trouble maker.

He is so curious he gets himself into all sorts of trouble – biting things he shouldn’t, falling off things he shouldn’t have jumped on in the first place and starting fights by annoying the crap out of Paris by not letting him have space.

The other day he fell down the stairs 3 times in one day (that I saw)all because he kept standing on 2 feet on the edge of the step and then leaning backwards.  Don’t ask.

He’s been contained in the hallway with plenty of run space including the stairs and the bathroom but it doesn’t stop him from attempting to  break the fence and looking for FREEDOM!!!

I’m also having a battle of the bathroom with him.

After a week of watching Tony and I go toilet (he’s in the hallway so we have to pass him every single time and sometimes he follows us into the bathroom), he stopped pissing and pooing anywhere but the bathroom!

He just chose to go in the shower because he can’t reach the toilet.

Unfortunately, we have to keep clearing his poo and pee before we have a shower and he gets very frustrated with us because every time we clean it, we’re effectively saying he’s not allowed to pee and poo there, and therefore he has nowhere to go toilet.

So then of course he’ll poo and pee outside of the shower as well as in the shower, using the entire bathroom floor as his toilet which makes it difficult for us to go in there and use the toilet ourselves.

I put a litter in the bathroom for him and it’s taken a couple of days but I think he’s coming around to the idea that this is his new place to go toilet because there is much less poo anywhere but the litter.

Although the chew mat I bought is completely intact for Rome, Paris’ is almost completely torn apart and non-existent.

Paris actually only chews the things we give him to chew and he knows EXACTLY which is for him and which is not.

A perfect example is that he has a cardboard box he chews on, we give them cardboard boxes a lot.  Yet, I’ve left cardboard boxes full of my eBay stock out right next to his play area without any fences.

He can walk right up to them and start chewing on them, pissing on them, whatever he likes really and he leaves them untouched!

He has identified what is ok for him and what will get him into trouble and he really has behaved himself so we’ve removed the fence and he’s running “free range”.

He actually just stays in his area!!  He’s recently started to explore under the couch but he has steered clear of the hallway and gone nowhere near the only fence that keeps him apart from Rome.

So far so good.  Unsure how long this will last but we’ll see.

Paris has also started to approach us more and nudges us for treats which is much better than running away!

Still hates getting patted but he tolerates it a bit more before running away.  He also has no problems standing on our feet when he’s begging and asking us for treats.  We didn’t teach him, he just does it.

Overall we have 2 very happy bunnies and we’re finally starting to understand their personalities.

Because only their scent is on their stuff, they’re not marking territory as much as they used to.

That means there’s barely any poo outside of their litter and hutch and they’re not pissing outside of their designated litters at all.  I knew they were supposed to be easy to toilet train!!

All they needed was to be separated and feel safe about what is THEIR space.

Our house no longer smells as bad (either that or I’m used to it) and I’m back to normal amounts of laundry.

That makes 2 good weeks in a row with them out of 5.5 weeks together.  It was a hectic start but we’re getting there!! YES!!

Last thing… last night I attempted to feed them rocket (again, I think it was my 3rd attempt at feeding them rocket, probably the 15th time to attempt to feed them some sort of fresh veg) and THEY ATE IT!!!!  That was their first ever fresh vegetable they’ve eaten.

And to test trust, I held the rocket with my mouth and had them eat it from me.  BOTH of them did it which means they’re both cool with sharing food with me.

YES!  After many weeks of rejection, I finally got acceptance.

I can’t have asked for more.  Patience, persistence, trust and love. That’s what these boys are teaching me.

And restraint… I’m learning restraint.  Sometimes I wish I could just SQUEEZE them and smother them with kisses because they’re so damned CUTE but that’s probably why they don’t let me hold them!

Here is a picture of them when they used to get along:

Paris & Rome



This is them in rapport even when separated.

Sleepy baby Paris
Sleepy Rome
Sleepy baby Rome. Notice the completely intact chew mat next to him (on the right) and our chewed up door frame (on the left). That’s just paint on the door snake.


Seriously, Tony skyped me one pic while he was with Paris in the lounge and Rome was doing the exact same thing while with me in the hallway!  In rapport, even when apart – there is hope for them yet!


Nothing to report – life is good!

Since we separated the bunnies, there have been no dramas.  All peace and quiet with lots of bunny kisses each day from Rome.

We bought them toys and chew mats, gave them little cardboard boxes which they use to chew, jump on and sleep in and bought them tubes to play in.

Yes, we had to buy 2 of everything so they each have one in their separate spaces.   We ended up having to get them each a separate hay rack and water bottle.

We also bought them boxes that they can jump in and out of, dig in and use as litters.  We also put hay in there so they have an incentive to jump in and out.

Overall I think they’re happy.  I know Rome is.

I can’t work out if Paris is or not.  He doesn’t do nearly as many binkies (a binky is their jump for joy, it’s a sign of their love for life), he still stays away from us and he likes to spend a lot of time in his hutch even when the door is open all day for him.

I let them out at 9am and don’t put them back in their hutch until 11pm.  They’re supposed to get a minimum of 4 hours play time outside of their hutch.

These boys get 14 hours free time, though they do spend a lot of that time (from approx. 12-6pm) sleeping.  The difference in personalities is amazing.

Even with 14 hours out each, Paris spends all his free time inside the hutch and doesn’t care if we close and lock the door.  Rome wants out IMMEDIATELY and looks like he really wants to get out of jail.

I can’t tell if the wanting to stay in the hutch is Paris’ personality or if he is holding a grudge and really doesn’t like us.  This boy is seriously hard to read and sure seems moody.  Should have named him emo.

As for me and Tony, we’re good.  We attend yoga occasionally and are not so hard-core about it anymore.

I’m loving the yin yoga.  Since my whole being is very yang, yin just ensures I feel more balanced.  Tony’s loving the vinyasa because it’s building up his arms.  IMHO, his arms have never looked better!

Not going out so much ’cause I’m trading our going out money for buying the rabbits everything they need money.

It’s ok though ’cause we’ve had plenty to eat given Christmas and then Chinese New Year happened within a month of each other.  Gong Hei Fat Choy 😉

And it’s ok we haven’t gone out much ’cause we’ve re-established order and stability with a lot more love at home.

It took 1 month.  Not bad for a major change!

And that’s it.  Life is peaceful, calm and simple again.

Peace at last!

It only took 3 weeks and it’s not the most ideal situation but we have peace at last!

Basically we have figured out that for the sanity of the entire household, the boys cannot physically SEE each other or be next to each other AT ALL.

Initially we separated them and let them sit side by side with a fence between them.  Thought this would stop the fights but they ended up putting their snouts in between the bars of the fence and biting each other.

You would think that one would just walk away and ignore the other but they didn’t.  As soon as they knew each other were there, they stared each other out.

Next thing you know, they were chasing each other side to side, looking for a way into the other’s section.

Paris presented his face to Rome for grooming which is a rabbit’s way of saying they are the dominant one… “I am the boss.  Groom me!” is pretty much what that means.

Rome wouldn’t have any of it.  This kept going for a while until Rome pretended he would groom but really he was licking the bars to take Paris’ scent off them and put on his own.

THEN he makes the movement that he’s going to groom Paris’ head and bites him instead.

This infuriates Paris and instead of presenting himself to be groomed, he just made sure he bit Rome every single time Rome put his face near the fence.  It was all over then.  BOTH were biting and getting more and more aggravated.

Our solution was to put cardboard against the bars so now they had the fence and cardboard between them.

They couldn’t see each other but still had proximity so knew each other were there.  This worked for all of 24 hours.  By that time, they had bitten through the cardboard, made eye contact and  were biting each other through the small gap they created, all over again.

They both also attempted to jump the fence, using the cardboard for leverage.

Fearing some sort of injury from all the jumping and falling, we separated them completely.  As it is, Rome’s nose looks funny so we think that perhaps this was Paris’ doing.

Rome is now in the hallway, Paris is in the lounge.

Both are fenced in so they can’t explore and happen upon the other.  We have given them enough space to run around by themselves.

We now have no room to move ourselves.  Effectively we are caged in too and cannot walk through our flat without walking over fences which is not ideal BUT we have peace at last.

There have been no fights for 48 hours and I actually slept through the night for the first time in over 3 weeks, this week.

Our door frames are mangled though so I’ve bought some chew toys which I’m waiting to be delivered.

On the upside.  Rome is very happy to spend time with Tony and I.  He licks us on the face and jumps on our backs.

There’s something so rewarding when a tiny, vulnerable animal,  used to being prey and having an innate urge to run and hide from everything lest it get eaten, gives you, a giant human, their trust.

You know, my little boys are only 1 kg each?  That’s 2.2 lbs!  They are tiny!

Paris is still quite cautious with us and remains at least 1 foot away.  We are still not allowed to touch him unless we bring treats and even then he runs away.

It is funny to watch him run toward the treats and away from the pats, back and forth until he finally finishes the treats but at least he is comfortable enough to have us in his space.

It’s progress and now they are safe from each other, are no longer stressing each other or us out anymore.  Both rabbits have settled down a lot too, since the separation.

Now all we have to do is stick with the schedule, keep earning trust, get them used to being petted and wait until they’re old enough to be neutered.

After that, it’ll be a load of retraining for toilet habits and a slow process to re-bond them.

The end goal, whenever that may be, is that they will be friends again, perfectly toilet trained and our flat will be fenceless so they can run around wherever they like.  What a process!!

For now, I’m just finally kicking back and relaxing for the first time since getting these bunnies.

“Ahhh the serenity….”

Who needs drama when you have pets?

They’re fighting.  The hormones are well and truly at play.  Rome cannot stop attempting to hump Paris.  Paris isn’t having it any more and is biting Rome for every hump attempt.

He gives a warning, they stare each other out but Rome just can’t help himself and Paris’ response is to pretty much rip out Rome’s fur.

Thank God his teeth haven’t sunk in any deeper than just the fur.

We’ve separated them when they get like this but in doing so, have exposed the hutch to total destruction because Rome in his horny, sexually frustrated state becomes aggressive and distressed.

He just chews and chews and chews on all the wood frames around the bars to his hutch because he wants to get out and bonk Paris.

He’s got other things to chew on but will always chew the hutch because he knows it annoys  me and gets my attention.

He also doesn’t respond to loud claps and screaming anymore.  If anything it makes him keep going.

He’s TOTALLY DEFIANT and wanting to show me he’s top rabbit especially since we’ve established that the hutch is theirs.

I can get angry at them about damaging everything outside the hutch and they’re mostly compliant but the hutch itself is their home and their safe place and Rome knows it.

So, if he feels like it to chew it up into bits, he’ll do it, whether I like it or not.

Not just that, he bangs and jumps and kicks when in isolation.  He attempts every way possible to get out.  He literally is climbing the walls (because he knows the roof opens up on the hutch).

He acts like a crazy person that needs to be put in a straight jacket so he doesn’t hurt himself.  He’s completely manic, running from one side of the hutch to the other, back and forth, biting the cage bars, biting the frame, climbing and scratching the wall and digging at the floor at 2-3am.

We’ve only just had the hutch for a week and he’s killed it.  If we wanted to, there’s no way we can return the hutch with all the damage he’s done to it and Tony and I are sleepless every night.

“They can keep a slightly wild aspect to them.”  The lady at the pet store said.  UMMM…. yeah, just slightly.

I bought them a little rabbit tunnel to play in and within a minute, Rome chewed not one, but two holes into it.  Really?  It cost me £10 and he broke it in a 1 minute.  WTF man?

I would have had more fun and value wiping my butt with a £10 note and flushing it down the toilet.  Same result.  What a waste!!

My concern however is how much he’s keeping us up at night AND quite possibly whether or not he’s waking up the neighbours above, below, on each side and from across the road with all his banging.

I’ll have to look up how to soundproof the hutch or our neighbours won’t be very happy at all.

We took the bunnies to the vet last week for a check up and vaccination and asked about the aggressive and hormonal behaviour and the pee spraying.

We asked when they can be neutered to stop it all and her response was to wait until they’re 6 months old and to just keep them separate.

She also said that the pee spraying was poor bladder control because they’re junior rabbits.  This is what I spoke about last week where they were spraying everything with piss, including the walls.

She said that it was them not being able to control their bladders when they get excited or scared.

They’re not dogs!!!  The bunnies are doing it on purpose and every bit of research and all the bunny forum discussions I’ve read since, have said so.

Rome pissed on Paris the other day, an epic spray that covered him entirely from head to tail.  That was his way to say “I own you.  You are mine.”

It’s not lack of bladder control, it’s quite the opposite.  They have perfect bladder control and perfect aiming abilities to cover their intended, with piss.  And they only do this when hormonal and wanting to mate (something that can be remedied by neutering).

Except now I have to wait until they are 6 months old before I can do anything about it!!

1 min = tunnel destruction.  1 week = hutch destruction and a house full of piss.  I have cleaned the floor, wiped it down, vacuumed, swept over and over again, multiple times per day, every day and in the first week did 4 loads of laundry a day!  I’m exhausted.

The bunnies are just 4 days from being 4 months old.  I have 2 more months of this.  I’m not sure how I’ll be.

In 2 months time, I don’t think Tony and I will have a house to live in because our hormonal rabbit would have eaten a hole out of their hutch and destroyed the place.

Maybe I should just let Paris bite all of Rome’s fur off.  It’ll serve two purposes.  Firstly, Rome surely would stop trying to bonk him… surely?  Secondly, I can use Rome’s fur to line the inside of the hutch for sound insulation.

Seriously though, when Rome is horny, it’s stressful and there’s nothing I can do about it except to separate them when they fight and let them be together when they’re calm, to keep their bond.

Paris hasn’t got crazy hormonal yet.  He’s also not much of a chewer.  An eater and hoover of pellets, yes but he doesn’t chew on things and hasn’t peed on anything since I got angry with him about the couch.

Other than biting Rome for bonking him too much (I mean Rome mounted him 19 times in 5 minutes and can be in this horny state for hours so we think the biting is warranted), Paris is actually a very good, well behaved rabbit.

If we only had Paris… we wouldn’t have all these problems.

I don’t know what I’ll do if BOTH rabbits end up behaving badly due to their hormones.    :/

Ensuring there are no fights requires CONSTANT monitoring as it is.

On the up side, their toilet training is getting better.  We’re coming to 2 weeks since first getting them and they only piss and poo in their hutch now.

There have only been maybe 1 or 2 little poos every now and again outside of the hutch for the last 2 days.  Peeing outside their hutch, has been limited to Rome piss spraying on Paris.

Better than pissing everywhere including 6 times on a blanket that’s for sure!  I’ve given them the same blanket and for the last 2 days they haven’t pissed on it at all.  YES!  Progress.

Also, they do have their non-horny moments and in those times I’ve trained them to do little tricks.  In a few days they’ve learned “Up”, “Walk” and “Jump”.  Paris is currently learning “Spin”.  They learn in approximately 5 mins so they are super smart.  The rest of the time is just reinforcement.

Their ability to generalise is amazing.  For instance, I made a little rattle where I put their nuggets into a box.  If they shook the box, the nuggets would fall out.

They’ve since chewed the box to shreds so I had to make a new rattle with a toilet paper roll.  They now pick up the roll and shake it to get the nuggets out.

I put some nuggets into a scrunched up bit of paper and again, to get the nuggets out, they picked up the paper and shook it around.  I didn’t teach them this, they generalised after learning on the first box!

Actually, by they, I mean Paris.  He’s definitely the brains.  Rome is the brawn.

The training is super easy with their level of intelligence.  The hormones are what’s causing the mayhem and difficult for them to control, in turn making them difficult for us to deal with.

Initially we didn’t want to neuter them thinking they’re boys, we don’t want to defile them.  If we have no other rabbits, they can’t breed but by their behaviour, it’s looking like we have to neuter them anyway just to calm them down.

There are only 2 more months before I can really find out how much of Rome’s naughtiness comes from personality and how much comes from hormones.

In the meantime I think I’m going to have to be quite the tiger mum with him and be a lot stricter.

Allow me to Introduce to you…. My Little Headaches

We did it.  We bit the bullet and got bunny companions.

Did you know that’s what you call them now?  Companions.  It’s not about ownership and being owned these days.  It’s called companionship where one companion acts as a guardian for the other.

Gone are the days of pets and owners.  Just sentient beings playing roles of companions and guardians living in the same household.  That’s how it’s been described in today’s New Age world.  How about that?

As their new guardians, we named our bunny companions Paris & Rome, after our favourite cities we’ve visited together.

Here’s a sneak peak…


Should have just called them Alopecia and Hypertension if you ask me because that’s what they’ve been causing me.

I can think of other names like Sleep Deprivation and Distress, Moody and Stroppy, Trouble and Drama, Aches and Pains, Kill me now and F’k my life… OMG I’m finding this way too easy!

I think this is what mums go through when they have their first child.  Except I went from being childless, to being responsible for 2 teenage boys (who do not communicate with anything other than piss, poo and biting) overnight, so I’ve had no time to build up to or get used to this!

So please excuse me while I adjust to manic life.

These boys keep testing me, testing their dominance, testing the boundaries.  They jump and hurt themselves.  They jump and fall on each other.  They BONK each other every few minutes unless we give them something new to explore.  They learn quickly and get bored soon after.

They have bitten each other and scratched each other as they wrestle with working out how to bonk.  They attempt so many angles and then take turns that they leave each other looking completely dishevelled.

We built their new hutch last night and put them in there.  This morning I woke up to the biggest kerfuffle and every time I walked in and said “What are you doing?!” in my half asleep state, they both just sat there and did nothing but stare back at me.

When I went back to bed they started whatever it was all over again.  I stubbed my toe running out of bed to catch them doing whatever they were doing to make so much noise and yet again, they both just stopped and stared at me.

Only later when I got up and wasn’t groggy did I realise that all the noise was them chasing and pulling out each others’ fur!

They have bitten Tony and/or myself, at least once each, per day.  They’ve peed all over our couch multiple times and pooed everywhere and they’re completely disinterested in developing relationships with us.

They even thumped at me before running away, to tell me just how much I was annoying them by wanting to pat them.  It’s effectively the same as saying “get lost” and slamming the door.  Oh my broken heart…. it’s like a little test in repeated rejection.

They’re just in their own little world.

We’ve only had them for a few days (quite literally 3 days as I write this) and they weren’t handled much or litter trained either which means we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us to gain their trust and respect.

They’re wild-like ie. they’re terrified of humans holding them where they’ll freeze and their tiny little hearts and breathing will go to a million miles per hour.

They always run away if you try to pet them and they don’t eat anything you offer them with your hands and they toilet everywhere.  I mean EVERYWHERE.

I’m attempting the toilet training now only to realise in my despair research (that’s research you do when you want to scream “WHY ISN’T IT WORKING?!  SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!”) that teenage boy bunnies, unless neutered will spray urine and drop poo for territory boundaries EVERYWHERE even if they’re litter trained.

So I won’t ever actually get a 100% success rate with litter training unless they are both neutered.

They pee to mark territory, they pee as part of their courtship ritual, they pee (on you..) if they like you (lucky I got Paris stroppy at me, less chance of me getting pissed on), they pee to take ownership of what was once yours eg the couch, a blanket, the pillows, any excuse to paint the walls with piss really and it’s doing my head in because I’m the one doing all the cleaning.

Their pee and poo odours are omnipotent – everywhere at all times, permeating every cell and seeping through the walls, especially if there’s another male rabbit around… of course.

NOW why didn’t I get girls?  Because when I was younger I had rabbits as pets and the boys were always so sweet,  nice, loving and affectionate towards me and they NEVER pissed or pooed anywhere other than in their litter tray.

They also learned to toilet train quickly AND they trained their own kits to go in the litter too.

The girls in my experience however were always aggressive.  They growled, attacked other bunnies and pissed and pooed wherever they liked.  They liked to ignore my training and do their own thing.

The girls also chased other rabbits and pulled hair off them and they bit other bunnies HARD causing injury.

The boys when allowed into the house, never peed or pooed anywhere but the girls didn’t just dirty everywhere, they ate cables too.

I had to get a repair man come to fix my washing machine hose and cable all because I left the girl bunny in the laundry so she wouldn’t bite my hand off when I tried to clean her hutch, not to mention the mess I had to clean in the laundry after I put her back in the hutch!!

Compare that to allowing my boy bunny full reign of my bedroom for 5.5 hours by himself without him even so much as toppling a pile of paper I had under the bed which was easily accessible to him at all times.   No poo, no pee, no mess.  He’d just hang out in my room until I got back.

So I told Tony that if we were ever to get bunnies, I wanted boys – they’ve always been much nicer and easier to deal with.  I didn’t realise that every time I had a boy bunny, he was by himself or with one (or many) girl bunny(ies).

I’d never actually had 2 boys (and only boys) at the same time until now.  So I had no idea their behaviour would be like this when there were 2 of them.  They are quite literally now having a pissing contest, every day.

When we went to get them there were only boys to choose from so either the breeders kept the does, the pet store only took in bucks, or all the does got sold first.

Whatever the case, only bucks were available.  I was told that these little ones were girls and was going to tell Tones we should just wait for bucks to come in.  Then she corrected herself and said, “Oh sorry, I was mistaken, they are bucks.”  I was so happy!

OMG am I regretting it now.

Just call them headaches and just like all children, they’re only sweet and nice when they’re puffed up like a little fluffy ball and resting.

And they stink…. OMG they smell.  I heard teenage boys smell… well, rabbits are the same.  Not the actual rabbits because they’re cleaning themselves all the time but their territorial poo really really stinks.

The stench gives me a headache.  What’s worse is I actually cleaned their entire area only 24 hours ago to the point where the stink was completely gone and now within 24 hours, the stink is just as bad as it was before I cleaned and I can’t stop them.  This is what teenage bunny boys do.

I called the vet to book in a check up and vaccination.  I booked it early and in a few days time so they get to see the vet before I throttle them but it looks like they’re beating up each other on their own quite fine.

I was hoping they could actually vaccinate AND neuter at the same time to save me from my stress but alas it is not to be.  Unfortunately I will have to wait and tolerate the pissing contest for a little longer 😦

I don’t think Tony wants to get involved.  Yesterday I asked him to check if Paris’ balls had dropped and he didn’t want to.  “You do it” he said to me.  “I don’t want to look at their balls!”

So… yes, I am now mother to 3 boys.

We had to check because if the testicles have descended, the rabbit is old enough to be neutered and I wanted them to be neutered at the same time so they could recover at the same time.  This is what they suggested at the pet store.  The boys are 3.5 months old.

The vet however, might want me to wait until the bunnies are actually 6 months old so they’re fully matured before neutering.  Do you know what this means?  It means if they can’t get neutered now, I have to spend another quarter of a year with a house full of stench, cleaning up piss!!!!!

Why did I have to get them at this age??!!!!!  Couldn’t I at least have them as babies for a while first?  You know, when they’re cute, trainable and obedient instead of arsy and defiant?!!! Hey… there’s 2 more names for them Arsy and Defiant.  ARGH!!!!!

You know that if you don’t do what they do, they actually nudge you hard with their noses?  AND if you still ignore them, they bite!

When we got them, Paris had no balls visible and Rome did.  Within a couple of days, both of them have descended testicles.  How about that?  No wonder this pissing contest is going so strong in frequency and in odour!!

Having said all this, their development is so quick that you never know, I could be with bunnies with different and more mature personalities by next week.

Maybe I just need to give them time to settle in.  I screamed at Paris the other day and he got all stroppy with me.  We gave each other the silent treatment for a day.

It’s OK because Tony is consoling me, and Rome consoles Paris.  He licks him on the chin and grooms his ears to cheer him up.

I told Paris off because he peed and pooed on the couch one too many times.  He did it after I’d already done 4 loads of laundry (2 of which was because of how much peeing they did) and spent the day cleaning after them so I’d had enough.

So now that I’ve spoken so highly of them, do you want to see their faces?


Yes, these are my little pissers.  Whose piss odours have filled every cavity in the space we call home to give me a chronic headache.

Paris and Rome

Paris is the Black one, colour “Black Otter”.  Rome is the brown one, colour “Siamese Sable”.

They are our new naughty little Pedigree Pure Breed (soon to be neutered or I’ll go crazy) Netherland Dwarf Bucks.

My little headaches… and our chosen companions for up to the next 12 years.

Oh what adventures we will have wee ones.  I can’t wait for the day you two stop pissing and pooing anywhere except your litters!

And I hope soon you will finally let us give you hugs and cuddles ❤